I have been taking photos of kids playing sports for 10 years. I always get the question, "Where can I buy that picture of my son/daughter playing Lacrosse?". Now you can!, and donate to the local sports programs. As a coach, team manger and parent I know the long hours and frustrations trying to raise money to keep these programs alive. Without their tireless efforts we wouldn't have South shore lacrosse or any of the other wonderful programs we compete against. This web site is for them. I love watching kids compete in sports. It is the purest form of competition. I hope I am able to capture your child doing what they love to do. I can assure you, father time moves quick, and in a few short years you will look at the images you bought and remember the wonderful family time sports provide. If you are visiting this site as a competitor, know your donation is going to further the programs you play against. ! Any photos purchased , ALL proceeds will be donated to Cancer Awareness and cure! Thanks for visiting our site!

Andy Lewis